Uncomplicated Vaginal Delivery

Singleton: $3,000
Twins: $3,300

Fee Includes:

  • Up to 10 prenatal appointments
  • The vaginal delivery
  • (2) In-hospital visits
  • (2) Postpartum visits
Uncomplicated Primary / Repeat C-Section

Singleton: $3,300
Twins: $3,600

Fee Includes:

  • Surgical Assistant fee
  • Up to 10 prenatal appointments
  • The Cesarean Section
  • (2) In-hospital visits
  • (2) Postpartum visits
Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VBAC)

Singleton: $4,500
Twins: $5,000

Fee Includes:

  • Surgical Assistant fee
  • Fee if Cesarean Section is repeated
VBAC attempts can only be done on patients with previous C-Section x1 or x2. Vertical or Classical incisions on the uterus, previous uterine rupture, significant uterine anomalies are not acceptable.

Below you will find the fees for OB services at The Hospitals of Providence and Del Sol Medical Center in El Paso, Texas.

Fee Requirements

For patients being accepted to the practice after 28 weeks, Dr. Novoa's fee must be paid in full at the first prenatal appointment. Payment in full to the hospital and Pediatrician must be paid within 48 hours of payment for Dr. Novoa’s services.

Patient Requirements

All patients must have an Ultrasound done in our office or by a radiologist certified in the U.S. during their first or second prenatal appointments. The most recent ultrasound must have been done within 2 weeks of a patient's first appointment.

An ultrasound done by a certified radiologist from the patient's home country is acceptable if done within 2 weeks of the patient's scheduled appointment.

All patients must have the following prenatal labs done as part of the standard of care protocols for the United States:

  1. Blood Type and Rh
  2. Antibody Screen
  3. Complete Metabolic Panel
  4. Complete Blood Count
  5. Platelets
  6. HIV. *If HIV Positive, screening for Hepatitis B and C. Viral count.
  7. Hepatitis B Surface Antigen. *If Hepatitis B Positive. Liver enzymes, viral count and screening for Hepatitis C.
  8. Rubella
  9. PT/PTT
  10. 1 hour glucose challenge test at 28 weeks
  11. Group B Strep (GBS) done at 35 weeks
  12. Pap smear, HPV screening
  13. STD panel to include Gonorrhea and Chlamydia

*Cost of Hepatitis B, C and Viral load are additional.

Fee schedule
  • The Initial Ultrasound and Lab Fees (1-14) are included in the Contract Fee. A patient is required to provide these labs from their home country in order to be accepted by Dr. Novoa. If a patient would like us to accept any of the aforementioned labs, she must provide computer copies of the results from the original labs where they were done. Handwritten results will not be accepted.
  • Labs will be done at the first appointment and are included in the contract fee.
  • Repeat Ultrasound is $300 per test.
  • Nonstress Test (NST) is $200 per test.
  • Biophysical Profile (BPP) is $200 per test.
  • Daily Hospitalization Fee for evaluation of patient by Dr. Novoa not associated with delivery is $300 per day.
  • Cerclage removal in the hospital by Dr. Novoa prior to delivery is $300.
  • Tubal Ligation following Cesarean Section by Dr. Novoa is $300.
  • Pediatrician Fee** average is $500.
  • Hospital Fee**: Normal/Vaginal Delivery: $2700. Cesarean Section: $3825.

**Hospital Fees and Pediatrician Fees are separate charges and must be paid in order to complete the contract requirements with Dr. Novoa.



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