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New Technology
Quill™ SRSQuill™
The Quill™ SRS is a revolutionary concept in wound closure that harnesses advanced technology for greater accuracy, faster procedures and better results.
About the Quill™ Self-Retaining System (SRS)
Because the Quill™ SRS is knot-less, many of the drawbacks associated with knot-tying are reduced or eliminated. Some potential benefits may include:
  • Decreases procedural time by eliminating knots, providing interrupted security at running speed
  • Enables surgeons to have greater control for tissue approximation, with continuous controlled tension at each bite
  • Eliminates need for "third hand"
  • Improves cosmesis by offering controlled tension to reduce scarring potential
  • Reduces ischemic demands on the tissue, minimizing the risk of dehiscence (wound re-opening)
  • Provides procedural enabling applications including tension support to facilitate wound closure
Quill sutureHow Quill™ SRS works
  • Quill™ SRS works by approximating tissues through bidirectional fixation
  • Bidirectional barbs pull through tissue in one direction and catch in another
  • Forces are distributed across multiple barbs, distributing tension within the wound
  • The knotless self-anchoring system:
    • Increases efficiency
    • Enhances wound closure
Quill sutureWhere Quill™ SRS works
Primary closure
  • Deep subcuticular: Quill™ SRS can be used to close the deep subcuticular layer with a subcuticular suturing technique
  • Deeper layers: Quill™ SRS can also be used to close tissue in deeper layers with a helical suturing technique
Wound-tension support
  • Using a straight Keith needle, Quill™ SRS can be used to approximate tissue prior to primary closure, therby relieving tension within the wound