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Novoa MedSpa is a professional medical practice specializing in a well rounded approach to the enhancement and beautification of the female image by assisting our patients in the physical and emotional expression of the female mind and body.

Novoa MedSpa distinguishes itself in our community by being one of the only Cosmetic OB/GYN practices in El Paso providing AWAKE procedures as well as primary case services and high risk obstetrical care to include Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section and Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section x2.

Dr. Julio Cesar Novoa, Medical Director and Owner of Novoa MedSpa, is recognized as the first surgeon to have performed AWAKE Breast Augmentation™ in the El Paso area, having been trained by the creator of this trade-marked technique by Dr. Anil Gandhi.

Dr. Novoa is considered to be an expert in the techniques of AWAKE procedures to include AWAKE Breast Augmentation, AWAKE Liposuction, AWAKE Lipoabdominoplasty and AWAKE Vaginal Aesthetic Surgery.

Dr. Novoa is also a pioneer in the modification of AWAKE Breast Augmentation, called Tumescent Anesthetic Breast Surgery (TABS) which avoids the use of preoperative narcotics and is the first surgeon to have published on the subject of AWAKE and TABS.  
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