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Cosmetic Obstetrics/Gynecology
what is cog?What is COG?

Cosmetic Obstetrics and Gynecology is a multidisciplinary field of cosmetic, sexual and female reproductive medicine which incorporates a minimally invasive cosmetic surgical approach as well as the promotion of sexual and reproductive health.

The philosophy of Minimally Invasive Surgery is fundamentally based on the practice of medical techniques to prevent surgery and when surgery is necessary, it is the practice of surgical techniques to minimize scarring and shorten the period of postoperative recovery.

In regards to obstetrics, it is the practice of medicine which reduces the risks of Cesarean Section and the promotion of the Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section (VBAC). When a Cesarean Section is necessary, it is the practice of surgical techniques to reduce the size and appearance of C/S scarring to include the use of absorbable sutures rather than staples.

In regards to gynecology, it is the promotion of vaginal surgery over laparoscopic or Robotic Surgery but when abdominal surgery is necessary, it is the promotion of surgical techniques to reduce the number of incision sites to reduce visible scarring.

In regards to cosmetic surgery, it is the promotion of AWAKE or conscious anesthesia to reduce the risks of injury or death from the known side-effects of General Anesthesia and the promotion of minimally invasive AWAKE procedures to include AWAKE Breast Augmentation, TABS, AWAKE Liposuction, AWAKE Lipoabdominoplasty and AWAKE Vaginal Aesthetic Surgeries. The cosmetic ob/gyn is also an advocate for non-invasive procedures for the enhancement of the female image to include the promotion and use of cosmetic products, collagen fillers, BOTOX and non-invasive laser or IPL procedures.

In regards to Sexual Medicine, the specialty of obstetrics and gynecololgy, to include cosmetic gynecology includes the contraceptive, reproductive and sexual health of the female patient. The cosmetic enhancement and beautification of the female body is just one aspect of female sexual expression and the cosmetic OB/GYN is uniquely qualified in assisting his/her patient in the promotional, preventative, rehabilitative and, in cases of sexual dysfunction, curative dimensions of sexual health, especially during pregnancy.

Sexual medicine has four dimensions:

  • The promotional dimension (increases awareness and helps individuals have a healthy and fulfilling sex life)
  • The preventive dimension (counseling)
  • The curative dimension (clinical treatment of specific sexual disorders)
  • The rehabilitative dimension (helps patients regain sexual health)